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Ashtanga Yoga

Pietra Fitness is enjoyed by many ONLY through the online studio.  The Des Moines metro is blessed to have two Pro Certified instructors locally who have established classes in the community.  These are the current class details that are scheduled.  Joy and Julie are overflowing with gratitude for those who have allowed us into their parishes and are are united in the mission to grow Pietra Fitness; please let us know if you would like classes at YOUR church or parish!

***This includes the class schedule for Faithful Movement with Julie.  Julie Dohrmann is a Pietra Fitness ProCertified Instructor. 

Class is in session... now what?

No pre-registration necessary!

Just bring a mat, any props you might want (blocks, bolster, straps, etc.), a bottle of water and of course a smile!  

* Not Catholic?

No problem- people of all faith backgrounds are welcome.

*Class is not at your church/parish?

That's ok! Come make new friends!

* Haven't exercised in years or ever?

That's just fine- we will help you no matter your fitness level. 


$15/class or $125/10 classes

Exercise and Healthy Diet

Classes with Joy Nobles



Classes with Julie Dohrmann


St. Joseph

Des Moines, IA

Tuesdays ~ 4:00 pm

Hybrid Class



St. Pius X

Urbandale, IA

Wednesdays ~ 1:15pm

Chair Class


St. Pius X

Urbandale, IA

Thursdays ~ 3:30pm

Traditional Mat Class



Chair Classes

St. Theresa (Wednesdays 7:15a with Joy)

St. Pius X (Wednesdays 1:15p with Julie)

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